Bobi Wine punches holes in Museveni’s security address

The National Unity Platform (NUP) President Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine through his social media platform asked the public if it isn’t unfortunate that Ugandans have a president who hides behind hypocrisy.

Kyagulanyi made the post shortly after President Museveni’s address on the security situation in the country where he warned security agencies against disrespecting human rights and peace of Ugandan citizens.

While addressing the nation, Museven said that his party, NRM doesn’t believe in torturing suspects for any reason before warning security agencies against mistreatments and improper handling of Ugandans while enforcing Covid-19 standard operating procedures.

Shortly after the speech, Kyagulanyi wondered how the president can even tell what he termed as “blatant lies” with a straight face.

“I can imagine how the victims of his brutality feel as they watched him shamelessly spew out lies, completely unconcerned about their plight. To you all victims of torture, illegal detentions and abductions, I can assure you that there will be a day of justice,”Kyagulanyi’s post reads in part.

He said that this time round, the president was speaking like an opposition leader against his own regime because of the pressure mounted against him by Ugandans.

“He knows what awaits him; seeing his friend Omar Bashir in the International Criminal Court (ICC) waiting lounge! Nothing, absolutely nothing will save him from the fate of all despots, past and present,” he added..

President Museveni addressed the country on three issues; discipline in the security forces and h uman rights of the population, Emyooga (Presidential initiave on wealth and job creation) as well as government’s plan on COVID19 vaccines.

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