Bebe Cool Reconciles With Man Who Wanted to Shoot Him

Local musician Bebe Cool has reconciled with Captain Namara who allegedly wanted to shoot him on Sunday last week, during a night out.

Bebe revealed through a social media post that he had met with Namara and chosen to withdraw charges against him.

“I wish to inform the general public that this morning I met with Mr. Namara and we managed to talk about the incident that happened last Saturday in a parking lot,” Bebe Cool statement read.

“Whatever happened at the parking lot was an accident and we both take responsibility for our reactions that led to an outburst that we believe was uncalled for. Unfortunately, both our jobs require us to be outside at the night and yet a lot happens. We met and got to know each other and thanks to Allah, we are both alive. I’m always open to reconciliation because it’s a major key to peace. We fully regret the panic and inconvenience if any was caused to the public,” he added. This came after six police officers were arrested in connection with the incident

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