Asan Kasingye Hands Over Office

It is the end of the road for AIGP (Rtd) Asan Kasingye as the Chief Political Commissar in the Uganda Police Force and other duties he had held in the force.

News emerged on Wednesday that Kasingye had quit the force, while others said he had resigned. Kasinye, however, used his Twitter platform to clarify that his contract had expired and he had to hand over.

“Contrary to online reports that I “quit”, “resigned, the fact is, my contract expired & had to handover. It may be renewed or not. I am proud to bow out head high. Problem is, I woke up this morning, put on my uniform. At the dining table, my wife reminded me that it was over”

Kasingye went on to say that, “An AIGP officially retires on appointment if he/clocks 45yrs(mine 2009). Thereafter, the contract can be extended for 2yrs.”

His contract has been several times since 2009.

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