Archbishop Kazimba Challenges Dioceses on Self -Reliance

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Doctor Stephen Kazimba Mugalu has instructed all dioceses to work out plans of being self-reliant.

Archbishop Kazimba who on Saturday began his four-day mission tour of West Buganda Diocese observed that the Church’s sanctity is facing a serious threat of unacceptable habits that are usually sugarcoated with foreign financial aid which targets economically stressed societies.

He is afraid that the social problems such as same-sex marriages and abortion which the Church of Uganda earlier denounced may be difficult to completely resist if the Church leaders don’t work out plans for building their financial, social, and institutional sustainability. 

Kazimba directed that all dioceses establish institutional income-generating projects that trickle down to all parish-level churches in their respective areas of jurisdiction.  He prefers that besides making long-term investments, the Church leaders also explore the possibilities of using favorable weather conditions and available fertile land to embark on commercial agriculture. 

Dr. Kazimba reveals that the top leadership of the province of the Church of Uganda is reviewing all partnerships they have with foreign contemporaries, to ensure that they only corroborate with those that don’t compromise their moral values.

He also challenged the leadership of the Churches to collaborate with the school’s administrators to put much emphasis on imparting morals in the children such that they are shielded from embracing unacceptable social habits.  

The Bishop of West Buganda diocese Henry Katumba Tamale noted that the directive has come at a time when they already embarked on a campaign to enforce mandatory coffee growing in all parishes in the area, which was adopted as a potential income-generating project for the church priests and the laity community.

Bishop Katumba says that two years ago, the Diocesan council and the synod unanimously passed the resolution of promoting the growing coffee in the area to support their 10-year strategic development plan that aims at building a self-sustaining church for a sustainable mission of evangelization.

Besides using it as an income-generating project that can sustain the priests, he says that the diocese has also established demonstration farms for the laity community which can also be used to safeguard the church land from rampant encroachment and grabbing. 

During the reign of the Most Reverend Stanley Ntagali as the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, he openly denounced habits of same-sex marriages before he also terminated the spiritual collaboration between the Church of Uganda and the Canterbury and Anglican Church in the United States of America.

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