Amama Mbabazi Speaks Out on Renewed Relationship With President Museveni

Former Prime Minister and presidential aspirant in the 2016 general elections has spoken out about his renewed relationship with President Museveni.

The two have resumed working together with Mbabazi now working as the special envoy of Uganda to South Sudan.

Mbabazi says that although he resumed working with the President, their differences have not yet been fully been ironed out.

Mbabazi fell out with Museveni in the run up to the 2016 elections. He was dropped as Premier for harboring Presidetials ambitions.

He says having different opinions about things doesn’t mean not working together. “The President asked to work with him on other things where we agreed and I agreed. So, I and he agreed that we work together and continue talking until we reach an agreement on other things,” says Mbabazi.

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