Aim Global Alliance Arrested For Trafficking in Persons

The Territorial Police in Greater Masaka has in custody 7 suspects who were working as coordinators of Aim Global Alliance, that is actively involved in the trafficking of persons, using a fraudulent employment scheme.

The company promises its recruited clients, very lucrative commission, under a pyramid arrangement of gaining points through, an expanded recruitment drive. The 7 coordinators in custody include; Lubwma Enock, Buzibu Michael, Manirahari Domician, Ssekigude Collins, Mulindwa Reagan, Namayanja Aisha and Kasibante Tadeo. 

A serious manhunt is now taking place for the Director, called Taremwa Moses who is still at large.

The company had so far recruited a total of 308 youths, including 17 juveniles; who were undergoing training in preparation for their new jobs, at Breton Hotel in Masaka City.  Each new recruit was tasked to pay Ugx 900,000, which was deposited in one of the accounts at Equity Bank. Most of the recruits were mobilised from Eastern Region, Central and Northern Regions of Uganda.

”We want to thank the Hon. Minister of State for Gender, Peace Mutunzo, who listened to the plight of the victims and further sensitised them on the dangers of such traffickers. She assured them of transport arrangements back to their places of origin.  The online job industry enables and allows traffickers to continue victimizing unsuspecting members of the public looking for jobs with such fraudulent employment schemes,” Uganda Police Force Spokesperson, Fred Enanga said.

The Uganda police also pledged to offer help to victims and arrest those who are fuelling the exploitation of Ugandans and profiling from them, with the support of major stakeholders from the Ministry of Gender.

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