300 Families in Kakumiro Threatened with Forceful Eviction

More than 300 Families in Kakumiro district are facing eviction from their ancestral land. The families are residents of Kasambya village in Katikara sub-county.

They are feuding over a piece of land measuring approximately 200 hectares with George Kwemara Ssetanda, a tycoon in Kakumiro and Kampala respectively who is equally claiming ownership of the land.

According to the residents, they started settling on the piece of land in the 1960s wondering how Ssetanda is claiming land.    

The residents are also questioning the circumstances under which Ssetanda came to acquire a title on their ancestral land without the consent of the leaders. They want the government to immediately come to their rescue and revoke the title since it was processed and acquired fraudulently. 

The land in question is also accommodating key institutions including Busanga Primary School, Busanga Catholic Church and Busanga Church of Uganda, Katikara sub-county headquarters, among other government installations.   

Livingstone Bakumira, a resident called for immediate government intervention to rescue the locals from being forcefully evicted from their ancestral land. He too wants the government to compensate Ssetanda so that they can attain peace on their land.

John Ssebaka the LCI Chairperson Kasambya explains that the residents are living in fear since Ssetanda has already issued them with an eviction notice.   He wonders how Ssetanda came to acquire land in their area without their consent adding that government should prevail and investigate the circumstances under which he acquired the title.

Ruth Mbabazi 60, another resident says she was born and raised on the contested piece of land adding that she has nowhere to go at the moment. She demands that President Museveni intervenes to save them from being evicted.

Tereza Birungi 56, also a resident says her grandparents were born, raised, and died in the same area adding that she is shocked that their ancestral land is being claimed by someone not even known to them. She wants the title canceled immediately.

Everisto Kabagambe, the Kasambya LCIII Chairperson says many land grabbers and speculators have invaded the district threatening area residents with evictions. He wants the government to investigate the emergence of fraudulently acquitted titles in the area that are putting residents in fear.

Joseph Sentayi Senkusu, the Kakumiro LCV Chairperson wants the government to give special attention to Bunyoro subregion given the escalating land-grabbing cases in the region.  

Ssetanda when reached for comment by URN, maintained that he genuinely processed and acquired his title for the said land in 2005 after following all the legal processes.

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