11 Suspects Escape from Dokolo Central Police Station

Police in Dokolo are still hunting for 11 suspects who escaped from the cell at Dokolo Central Police Station on Friday night. 

The suspects, most of whom were arrested on theft charges, have been identified as Raymond Okwang, Innocent Owiny, Allan Adep, Daniel Okwir, Ivan Epong, and Michael Eboga.

The others are Oscar Ebwor, Aaron Oryee, Patrick Ekadu, Ronald Okodi and Isaac Okello. Nine escapees were pending court appearance while two were under investigations.

It’s alleged that on Thursday, 23 February, at an unknown time in the night, 11 suspects escaped from lawful custody from Dokolo Central Police Station. 

A case of escape from lawful custody has been registered vide Dokolo CRB 138/2023.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga Police Spokesperson says none of the escapees have been re-arrested but the two officers whose identities have been withheld, who were guarding the cell that day, have been arrested to aid with investigations.

According to Okema, preliminary findings have shown that the cell was not tampered with at the time of the escape. He adds that the suspects escaped through an opening in the ventilators where a metallic bar was cut. 

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