Western Pressure Will Not Make Us Abandon Our Culture – Museveni

No amount of pressure from Western countries can make Africans abandon the positivity in their heritage,  President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has vowed. He was speaking at the 24th National prayer breakfast held at State House Entebbe Saturday afternoon. 

The annual National prayer breakfast takes place on the eve of  Uganda’s Independence and brings together political, religious, and other leaders from the continent. This year’s national prayer theme was “Arise and Build- derived from Nehemiah 2:18, which talks about God leading the children of Israel in the task of rebuilding the broken walls of Jerusalem.

“The preacher from Holland told you about respecting our heritage, the positive points in our heritage. We have been having pressures from some of these groups, who say that there are two ways of life…there is the normal way and the parallel way of the homosexuals and so on…but this is not our interpretation,” said Museveni in part.   

He explained that such things are a deviation from normal and that this perception cannot be changed by any pressure from outside Africa.

He wondered why acts of homosexuality are publicized and commended the keynote speaker, Prof. Christiaan Alting, the President of the International Theological Institute for encouraging Africans to resist any pressure from Western countries that is against the culture.

Museveni’s comments followed a statement by Austrian Prof. Christiaan, who doubles as the President of the International Catholic Legislators Network. “I would like to make an appeal, here, to you my Ugandan brothers and sisters…don’t allow other countries outside Africa and certain NGOs and international organizations to dictate to you how you should run your families, schools, and communities,” he said. 

He recounted Pope Francis’s quotes about the increasing dictated agendas, which are a new form of ideological colonization.

Prof. Christiaan asked Ugandans to stay true to their unique principles.

Another keynote speaker, Bishop J. B. Masinde from Kenya, said that Africans need to start seeing potential in their continent and turn around several negative developments into positivity. Masinde, who is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Deliverance Church International – Umoja, appealed that the youth should not be written off since they are a great potential to the country that needs to be exploited.


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