We Were Never Funded To Oust Acana- Acholi Rival Chiefs

A section of Chiefs opposed to the Acholi Paramount chief, David Onen Acana has denied receiving funding from interested individuals to oust him from office. 

On June 20 this year, the chiefs passed a resolution to oust Rwot Acana and his Deputy the Lamogi Clan Chief Rwot Martin Otinga Atuka Yai.

They accused Acana of allegedly attempting to sell off a piece of land belonging to the cultural institution to the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) at 2.5 billion Shillings, misuse of funds, and incompetent leadership among others. The chiefs appointed Richard Santo Apire, the Chief of Atiak as an interim chairperson of a six-man select executive committee to oversee the transition in the cultural institution.

John Ogenga Obita II, the Chief of Labongo Amida in Kitgum District said the resolution to remove Acana from office was independent and never influenced, Obita who is one of the executive members of the rival faction of chiefs said the aggrieved chiefs are mobilizing resources on their own to run their activities within the region.

He reiterates that their grievances against Rwot Acana stem from genuine issues that have affected the smooth leadership of the cultural institution over the years.

Rwot John Peko Lugai, the Palwo Clan Chief says the money they are using for their mobilization is being raised by their own subjects in the respective chiefdoms where they have support.

Lugai says they intend to launch a mega fundraising drive from across the region to support their activities but notes that they won’t at the government as their source of funding.

Last week, Rwot Apire, the interim chairperson of the select executive committee of the rival chiefs released a road map detailing the process of drafting a constitution. The chiefs had accused Acana of failing to create a constitution that guides the operation of the cultural institution for the last 17 years he has been at the helm of leadership.

The road map released shows the rival chiefs have already embarked on a consultative engagement in the various chiefdoms in Acholi Subregion on drafting the constitution. John Ogenga Obita, the Chief of Labongo Amida told Uganda Radio Network in an interview over the weekend that they intend to lay the draft constitution on October 15 before the Council of Chiefs for review.

He says that once adopted; they will proceed to elect a new Paramount Chief on December 15 this year in line with the constitution.

Early this month, Acana in a maiden address to a section of chiefs who support him at the Cultural Institutional palace in Gulu City denied the accusations against him and instead faulted invisible hands for sponsoring the power row.

He also asked his subjects to disregard the rival faction arguing that he is still the legitimate Paramount Chief.

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