Walukuba police Under fire for Torturing Suspect to Death

The officers at Walukuba police station are under fire for allegedly assaulting 25-year-old Denis Kitamirike, a resident of Masese 3 cell in Jinja City Southern division to death.

Kitamirike, who was admitted to the emergency unit of Jinja Regional Referral Hospital on Friday night succumbed to head injuries allegedly inflicted on him by officers from Walukuba police station. 

A postmortem report issued by Jinja Regional Referral hospital indicates that Kitamirike sustained a deep cut on the head, bled profusely, suffered a blood clot in the left part of his brain, ran out of oxygen supply in the rest of the body, and died. 

This came hours after being arrested by plain-clothed policemen from Walukuba police station on Friday afternoon. His relatives claim that the officers beat Kitamirike unsparingly before they detained him at Walukuba police station.

Enoch Kabaale, Kitamirike’s father says that he saw police officers walking alongside his handcuffed son, who was bleeding profusely. He says that he asked them about his crime, but they instead instructed him to follow up on the matter at the police station.

Kabaale says that he contacted his other sons to coordinate with the police to ascertain the charge against Kitamirike and they succeeded in ferrying him to the hospital where he breathed his last.

Mustafa Kagoda, says that he pleaded with the police officers to allow him to ferry his brother to the hospital and after close to three hours, he was permitted to have him.

Kagoda says that the police officers have since declined to clearly state the charge against Kitamirike, which led to his detention.

Kiira regional police spokesperson, James Mubi claims police only rushed to rescue Kitamirike against mob action. Mubi further says that Kitamirike was handcuffed by area local leaders and a team of intelligence personnel has been dispatched to expedite inquiries pertaining to the source of the handcuffs.

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