Ugandan Legislators Denounce European Threats on Developing Nations

Ugandan legislators participating in the ongoing European Union, and the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (EU-ACP) States’ assembly in Brussels, Belgium have denounced threats propagated and orchestrated by Europeans on developing nations.

This reaction was evoked by the EU parliament’s condemnation of the Parliament of Uganda for passing the anti-homosexuality bill calling for sanctions against the 389 MPs and religious leaders that instigated and supported the bill.

But Kole North Member of Parliament, Dr Samuel Opio Acuti in his submission to the assembly described the European Parliamentary resolution on Uganda’s Anti Homosexuality Law as an attack on the country’s sovereignty.

Dr Acuti reasoned that such a joint resolution adopted by the EU Parliament on 20 April 2023 on universal decriminalization of homosexuality in light of the anti-gay law is a blackmail threat by Western countries that seek to undermine Uganda’s sovereignty.

Dr Acuti further denounced the EU’s resolution to consider withdrawing preference schemes which would reinstate tariffs and quarters for Ugandan goods being exported to Europe to limit market access describing it as an ‘economic black mail’ on the African culture.

Sheema Municipality MP Dickson Kateshumbwa equally contends that whereas the EU remains Africa’s largest trading partner with about 26 per cent of all imports, trade between blocs suffers from misalignment of trade policy priorities.

According to Kateshumbwa, globally African exports continue to be dominated by primary commodities, particularly raw materials, oil, and minerals leaving the continent’s economies vulnerable to global price shocks.

Cecilia Atim Ogwal, the Dokolo District Woman Member of Parliament also pointed out that an attack on the Ugandan legislators undermines the will of the Ugandans who elected the representatives. She applauded 62 European Parliament lawmakers who voted against the resolution.

After President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni signed the Bill into law, the European Parliament President, Roberta Metsola condemned the move saying an anti-LGBTQ+ law ‘undermined human rights’ in Uganda. Equally, the U.S Government threatened aid cuts, sanctions, and visa restrictions for some Ugandan officials, whereas the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief, Joseph Borrell said the bill would ‘impact international partnerships’.

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