UBL’s Jimmy Mugerwa Installed As New President Of The New Kigo Seven Lakes Rotary Club

The new Rotary Club of Kigo Seven Lakes Golf celebrated its Charter Ceremony at an elegant event held on Saturday June 24th, at the prestigious Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa in Kigo.

With an impressive turnout, the event marked a significant milestone in the club’s history, as it officially chartered with 54 esteemed members.

The Night was nothing short of extraordinary, as it attracted high-profile guests that included business captains, political leaders, diplomats, and traditional leaders; thanks to the new club President, Jimmy Mugerwa, a celebrated business leader, coach and Uganda Breweries Ltd board member.

Uganda Breweries, under their leading single malt whisky- Singleton brand, played a pivotal role in curating a luminous experience that lit up the mood throughout the six- hour long event.

UBL’s Jimmy Mugerwa Installed As New President Of The New Kigo Seven Lakes Rotary Club

Guests were treated to an array of exclusive offerings that exemplified luxury and sophistication. The event was complete with the intriguing Singleton pairing experiences and mentorships, where attendees delighted in the harmonious combination of exquisite chocolates and the smooth richness of Singleton whiskies.

Talented mixologists further enhanced the night’s allure, as they skillfully crafted bespoke cocktails that elevated the art of drink-making. From intricate creations to classic favorites, the expertly crafted beverages delighted guests with their exceptional flavors and presentation, leaving a lasting impression on their taste buds.

However, the highlight of the evening was the installation of Jimmy Mugerwa as the President of the newly chartered Rotary Club. Speaker after speaker highlighted Mugerwa’s selflessness, love for his community, hardworking nature, and most importantly; keeping true to his humble beginnings.

Emmanuel Katongole, the Executive Chairman of Quality Chemicals, also Mugerwa’s childhood friend, emphasized Mugerwa’s love to impact his community positively, right form his younger days.

In his compelling speech, President Jimmy Mugerwa re-emphasized his humble, but amazing life journey. He reflected on his humble upbringing in Naguru, the opportunities, and meaningful relationships he has cultivated over the years and how these connections encouraged and shaped his decision to join Rotary, even though he initially held reservations.

“My relationship with Rotary was not love at first sight, I had never dreamt about joining rotary even when I had been requested to do so by many of my friends so I am surprised by myself that I can stand here and be a member and let alone president of this club. I want thank my good friend and mentor Emmanuel Katongole, for relentlessly encouraging me to join rotary. Every time he has traveled, he has told me about the amazing things that he was doing under rotary. After enough encouragement, I promised my friends that I would not only be a good Rotarian, but I would also start a club, and here were,” he said

The chief Guest, the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga, also Mugerwa’s childhood friend, cracked the gathering as he reminisced bits of Mugerwa’s youthful story he  emphasized that it is  stories like Jimmy’s that Rotarians should use to inspire the younger generation of Rotarians.

UBL’s Jimmy Mugerwa Installed As New President Of The New Kigo Seven Lakes Rotary Club
Owek. Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga cutting cake at the Ceremony

“The fraternity of rotary is inspirational; you are inspirational because you are interested in the business of bringing smiles to human beings. I believe the most priceless thing to human beings is to smile, to be happy, to be appreciated, to be assisted, to be given a hand and rotary does that all the time. I request you to inspire young people not with your success or your achievements, but with the journey that brought you to the level where you are now, especially the young Rotarians,” he said.

The evening was characterized with live entertainment by the talented Joseph Sax and the band, who kept the guests captivated and entertained throughout the event.

Leaders, members, and outstanding contributors (donors) to the new Serena Seven Hills Rotary club were all pinned with badges, and they pledged to serve above self-including Uganda Breweries Managing Director Andrew Kilonzo, UBL’s Finance Director Eunice Waweru.

The two where congratulated by other members from the UBL team who included Emmy Hashakimana – Marketing & Innovation Director who also recently joined the rotary club of Kitante and Ben-Mbuvi Commercial Director.

The Charter Ceremony of the Rotary Club of Kigo Seven Lakes Golf was a resounding success, signifying the beginning of a new era of service and fellowship in the community. With President Jimmy Mugerwa at the helm, the club is poised to make a lasting impact.

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