Tension At Old Kampala as Basajjabalaba’s Group Serve UMSC

There was tension at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council- UMSC headquarter at Old Kampala Thursday when a group of Muslims led by Hajji Abdu Kiyimba went to serve an injunction stopping the Mufti, his agents, and employees of the council from conducting any business on behalf of UMSC.  

The group was initially stopped at the UMSC gate leading to a standoff but they were eventually allowed in. The order stems from an order issued by the Registrar of Mengo Chief Magistrate’s court, Patrick Ngereza Talisuna following a miscellaneous application by businessman Hassan Basajjabalaba together with three others against UMSC and the Mufti, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje.  

“An interim order of injunction is hereby issued against the respondents, their agents, employees, officials, assignees, and all persons acting on their instructions restraining from carrying out any/and or conducting functions and or activities of and/or on behalf of the UMSC…,” reads the January 10th, 2023 order. The group was also armed with a January 11,2023 letter signed by Chepkrui Shunnu Jimmy on behalf of the Inspector General addressed to the Old Kampala Divisional Police Commander.  

“The order is to the effect that an interim order of injunction issued against the respondent, their agents, employees, officials, assigners, and all persons acting on their instructions restraining them from carrying out and/ or conducting any functions and/or do any other activity incidental to thereto until the final determination of main application or until further order of this Honorable court,” reads the letter.   

He added, “I have been instructed to forward the same to you with the guidance that in the absence of any other court order to the contrary, and upon verification of the authenticity of the order from the issuing court, you bring the contents of the order to both parties and require the compliance.”   

Shortly after delivering the injunction, Kiyimba and his group moved to Hera hotel along Lubaga road where they addressed a press conference. They accused Sheikh Mubaje of several issues including the alleged sale of UMSC land measuring 518 hectares comprising ranch 38A at Bukiragi village, Ntuusi Sub-county in Sembabule, and failure to account for the money. 

They also accused the Mufti of mismanaging the 2.5 billion government gave UMSC to organize the just concluded nationwide Muslim polls. Kiyimba, who denied having a personal vendetta against the Mufti, said that he is only seeking justice.

Kiyimba noted that while they had several disagreements with Mufti including the disqualification of Basajjabalaba from running for the position of the National UMSC chairperson, said that they agreed to use legal means to address their concerns and asked the Mufti to respect the orders.  

However, Zziwa Ashraf, the UMSC Spokesperson said that while he is fully aware that some Muslims petitioned the court over a disagreement in the just concluded elections, he isn’t aware of any judgment to that effect.   

He noted that they cannot close the council at the moment because of the numerous activities such as the daily prayers.     

In December last year, the UMSC held the elections for its national chairperson. However, Basajabalaba was ejected from the race since the UMSC constitution bars anyone who has successfully been impeached by any council organ from contesting for elections. 

In 2010, the UMSC joint session that comprises the executive and college of sheikhs impeached Basajabalaba on a string of accusations including illegally selling off plot 30 William Street to Drake Lubega valued at US$ 2 million

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