Supreme Mufti Decries Killings During Eid Prayers

The Supreme Mufti, Sheik Muhammad Galabuzi has decried the recent killings in different parts of the country.

Speaking during the Eid-al Adha prayers in Kibuli, Galabuzi said that the killings have caused uncertainty among the citizens. He asked security agencies to investigate and release reports about the killings.

On June 16th, 44 people were killed in Kasese District when suspected Allied Democratic Force-ADF rebels attacked Mpondwe-Lhubiriha Secondary School.

Last week, five people from the same family were hacked to death in Masaka District and last month, more than 10 people died in separate shootings.

After the Eid prayers, the Muslim faithful were hosted at the home of the Titular head of Muslims in Uganda Prince Kassim Nakibinge.

Nakibinge appealed to security personnel to be vigilant, and, provide enough security to all citizens. Nakibinge says the country has sufficient resources to protect the population but they are misused.

The Lord Mayor for Kampala Erias Lukwago decried the continued illegal arrests of people on trumped-up charges and leaving those who have committed crimes to walk scot-free.

Lukwago cited one of his staff at Kampala Capital City Authority Umar Magara was allegedly arrested by security personnel and charged with terrorism.

Sheikh Ishaaq Mutengu questioned the manner in which security personnel arrests people without summoning them first to police stations. Sheikh Mutengu also asked the police to stop brutalizing people during arrests.

He decried the inflation in the country and law enforcement officers who harass hawkers struggling to earn a living.

At Nakivubo Blue Primary School, Makindye Mayor Ali Nganda Mulyanyama said that the manner in which Muslims are arrested is illegal and uncalled for.

Mulyanyama also said that Muslims detained in prisons be produced in courts of law and the Director of Public Prosecution expedites investigations.

Last month raided the Tula Rehabilitation Home of Sheik Mohammed Yunus Kamoga. In the video that was circulating on social media, police officers were seen kicking, and slapping youths who were found at Kamoga’s home.

The police claimed that Sheik Kamoga was training the youth in Sharia law at the Rehabilitation center.

The Minister for Internal Affairs, Kahinda Otafiire who attended the prayers condemned the attack on the Sheik Kamoga’s home. He also said that the government arrests suspected criminals regardless of religion or tribe.

Otafiire called on Muslims to be united and avoid discrimination in beliefs depending on the teachings of Islam.

In Kabale District, the District Kadhi, Sheikh Khabu Lule condemned rampant killings linked to terrorist groups.

Preaching on Wednesday during Eid al aduha celebrations at Kirigime Mosque in Kabale District, Lule described the killings as evil and inhuman.

Lule said that the Islamic religion does not condone any kind of killing, but instead encourages unity.

Lule also expressed concern over case backlog in courts.

At Wandegeya Mosque, Sheikh Mohammed Kizza Kasule, the Imam was concerned about the low numbers of Ugandan Muslims, who go to Mecca for pilgrimage.

Visiting the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is one of five pillars of the Muslim faith. According to Kasule unlike Tanzania which took up to 4.000 pilgrims, Uganda had 1,500.

According to Kasule, some years ago, Uganda took 3,000 pilgrims.

“In sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria always tops the list, taking tens of thousands, but though in Uganda the numbers keep on increasing every year they are still few with our best being 1,500 the highest the country has ever taken is 3,000 and that was during president Amin’s reign,” he says.

He attributed the low numbers to financial constraints and the laxity among the Muslim faithful.

“This time they paid over 20 million shillings, which is quite high, for an ordinary Ugandan to spend on a non-profiteering activity, but this fifth pillar of our faith, and its importance shouldn’t be taken for granted,” Kasule explained.

Kasule also cautioned Muslims to always follow the Islamic teaching because these are the only way to eternity.

He also reminded them that the Eid Idd Adha celebration is a time to strengthen relationships among themselves, as well as with the non-Muslims.

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