Stop Misunderstanding Gender Equality, Women Cautioned

Women in Kamwenge district have been warned against misusing their rights to undermine their husbands and neglect family roles, a habit that has affected the advocacy for gender equality in the country.

Innocent Tushabe, a Senior Development Officer in the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development says that although the government has put in much effort topromote gender equality, some women have misused this to undermine their husbands which has increased domestic violence in homes.

Addressing Kamwenge district stakeholders at the district headquarters on Wednesday, Tushabe added that some women have misunderstood the concept of gender equality and even have stopped fulfilling their marital roles and neglecting parental roles.     

Fred Mbonigaba , the District Secretary for Social Services observed that most working women and those who hold big positions in the community are the ones who have negatively perceived the interpretation of their rights to undermine men.

He adds that some women are even committing domestic violence against men although most men keep silent for fear of mockery from the public.

Janet Kyalisima, a councilor, says that there is a need to extensively educate women on their rights and responsibilities so that they don’t misinterpret them.

According to the Police Annual Report of 2020, of 18,872 people who were victims of domestic violence, 3,408 were male adults while 1,133 were male juveniles.

Thus as various organizations continue to garner support and create awareness about gender equality and fighting domestic violence against women, others are being set up to help offer support to men who have been abused.  

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