Sodomy Victims Shy to Report-Police

Investigating cases of sodomy is still complicated for detectives because the majority of the victims are still shy to report, despite the escalation of the cases in the country, the Uganda Police Force-UPF has revealed. 

According to Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, many people have been coerced into sodomy but only a few individuals have filed complaints with the police. “The most important part is to encourage victims of Sodomy to come out because there is always evidence that can help the Police to progress with the investigations. It is easy to identify the perpetrators and whether they are linked to organizations or individuals,” Enanga said.

The call by the police follows two separate cases that were registered over the weekend. One of the cases in Mbarara city resulted in the arrest of Michael Saturday, a businessman in Nyamityobora for sexually harassing six of his male employees in the night. 

“He was repeatedly sodomizing these boys who are below seventeen years and some above 18 years. But we want to thank one of the victims who came out and reported the matter, because he got the courage, that most victims haven’t taken to report these acts,” Enanga noted. He explained that the victims were subjected to medical examinations, which indeed showed that they were sodomized.

“The charges of aggravated defilement, rape, and engaging in unnatural sexual practices have been slapped on the suspect,” he said. Police also registered another case in Kasangati where suspect Jimmy Peter Matovu, 30, a resident of Lubatu zone attempted to forcefully sodomize his friend who visited him in the night.

“This is a man who picked a knife and put it on his friend’s neck at around 100pm and ordered him to undress so that he can sodomize him. But luckily this victim was strong enough and managed to fight his way out of the room, and made an alarm,” Enanga said. 

He asked all victims of sodomy and other kinds of sexual abuse to always come out and report for assistance.

Recently, the NGO Bureau revealed that it was investigating the operations of 22 NGOs across the country suspected to be involved in the promotion of LGBTQI activities. Police say they are still waiting for a call from the Internal Affairs Ministry to join the investigations.

According to Section 145 of the Penal Code Act, of 1950, it is criminal to have unnatural sexual intercourse and it attracts life imprisonment on conviction. It provides that “Any person who has carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature commits an offense and is liable to imprisonment for life.”

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