Police Still Investigating Motive of Arsenal Fans Arrested in Jinja Procession

A team of detectives has been dispatched to expedite enquiries into the motive of Arsenal fans, who were earlier on in the day, arrested over staging illegal procession and are still in detention. 

The Kiira regional police spokesperson, James Mubi, on Monday evening told journalists that the group of eight arsenal fans was led by Felix Bagiire alias Shamlove, who is a music show host at Baba FM.

They were earlier on arrested on Monday morning for staging a procession to celebrate Arsenal’s 3-2 victory against Manchester United on Sunday.

Prior to their arrest, Bagiire told journalists, that Arsenal’s win against Manchester United was key in strengthening their English premier league table lead, with 50 points, with Manchester City in second position. 

Bagiire also noted that, since Arsenal last won the English premier league trophy close to 19 years ago, during the 2003/2004 season, the second leg win was a reason for the fans to celebrate their increasing chances to lift the trophy. 

Another suspect who spoke on condition of anonymity says that, they amde a bet with Manchester fans, which would culminate into a celebratory procession, if Arsenal won yesterday’s game and their act today was to fulfill this target.

“It is true, we are happy that, Arsenal is performing really well, but, today’s procession was a clear message to Manchester fans and we hired two vehicles, wore brand new Arsenal jerseys, before flocking Jinja city streets with triumphal celebrations but only to be met with police resistance,” he says.

On his part, Mubi argues that Arsenal has been wining games in the season and detectives became suspicious why the suspects chose to celebrate yesterday’s victory.

Mubi also says that in the course of police interrogation, the rest of the suspects lacked basic information about Arsenal and the English premier league in general, save for Bagiire, raising suspicion over possibility of sinister motives.

Mubi adds that, the suspects are being charged with organizing an illegal assembly and they have been detained at Jinja central police station, awaiting prosecution.

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