OPM Permanent Secretary Keith Muhakanizi Dead

The Permanent Secretary to the Office of the Prime Minister Keith Muhakanizi, has died.

Muhakanizi – who is the long serving permanent secretary and secretary to the treasury died in a hospital in Milan, Italy where he had been flown on Sunday for treatment, according to a source.

Sources also revealed that Muhakanizi has been in and out of office since 2021 due to sickness.

The government spokesperson and Uganda Media Centre executive director, Ofwono Opondo confirmed Muhakanizi’s passing revealing that he was a “friend to many.”

“SAD! A friend to many. Keith Muhakanizi, Permanent Secretary Prime Minister’s Office, and former long-serving PS Ministry of Finance & Secretary to the Treasury has died from a Milan, Italy hospital where he was receiving treatment. May he Rest in Peace.”

Earlier, journalist  Raymond Mujuni had tweeted, “Keith Muhakanizi, one of the architects of Uganda’s post-86 economy and long-serving secretary to the treasury has passed on, family sources confirm.”

Keith Muhakanizi’s cause of death is still a mystery. He was 64 years old by the time of his death.

Muhakanizi was born in Rukungiri District in western Uganda to the late Rev. Kosia Kajwengye and the late Zeridah Kajwengye. He was born to a family of 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls.

More details to follow….

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