OPM Officials Accused of Holding Karamoja Bus

Elders in Karamoja sub-region are up in arms against officials from the office of the Prime Minister for failure to deliver a bus donated by first lady Janet Museveni to facilitate their movements to lobby for peace. 

The elders allege that the bus was purchased in 2021 and given to OPM but up to date that the officials have not delivered it despite several reminders. Simon Nangiro, the chairperson for Karamoja Elders Association, says that the bus was intended to transport them to peace meetings and the delayed delivery has frustrated their movements for peace dialogues. 

Nangiro says that it is very unfortunate that the OPM has decided to take a back seat with the promise meant for the elders who are committed to peacebuilding. ‘’OPM even assured us two years ago that the bus is there but up to date we are not seeing it, Mama Janet Museveni is dealing with the wrong team at OPM,’’ Nangiro lamented. 

He appealed to whoever is responsible for the delivery of the bus from the OPM to bring it as soon as possible or else they shall be cursed.

John Bosco Akore, the secretary for Kotido Elders Council noted that the pledge is long overdue. He noted that many government officials have turned Karamoja into a breeding ground for corruption because of the ignorance of the local people.

Akore said some of the leaders they trusted to help and follow up on such matters have been pocketed and they cannot have a voice to speak.

Lomuria Apaa Lote noted that many elite people including their own sons and daughters have taken advantage of the bad situations in the region for their own personal gains.

Lote said officials go to their villages to register the community members with the promise of food relief, household items, and garden tools among others but nothing is delivered. 

Efforts to get a comment from Julius Musunguzi, the public relations officer at OPM were futile as his known number was off.

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