NBS TV Presenter Casmir Caught Cheating With Man’s Wife

NBS TV presenter, Casmir Mukisa is in a spot of bother. The NBS Hitmaker show host was recently caught cheating with a man’s wife, according to a video doing the rounds on social media.

In the video, a man’s voice is heard telling Casmir to sit on the bed where he ‘mingled’ with the woman. Casmir obliges and sits next to the woman he was caught with. Casmir is then asked, “Is this the bed where you had s*x?” and he agrees.

Casmir then goes on to ask for forgiveness from the man who seems to be the husband to the woman. She did not say a word and tried to hide her eyes from the camera.

In 2018, Casmir proposed to his girlfriend Vanessa. Vanessa was happy at the proposal and expressed her excitement through social media. He went on to say that he would forever regret said he wouldn’t mind being punished.

“Then on ma birthday, I received the best gift every woman wished and dreamed of.  He popped the question and I said YES. Dear my now fiancé, thank you so much for making my life time wish and dream come true, thank you for brightening my world, thank you so much for your endeavors because you were the brain behind organizing for me a birthday party that I actually did not expect. You made it so colorful, and I just don’t know the right words to say but all i know is that you made my day and year. Thank you for loving me and I promise to love you forever and ever. I love you so much Mc Casmir,” she wrote on her social media then.

We only wait to see where this cheating scandal leaves their young relationship.

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