Luwero Women Leaders Call for Action To Prevent Domestic Violence In 2023

Women leaders in Luwero district have called for actions to prevent the escalation of domestic violence in 2023.

According to the Child and Family Protection Unit, atleast 245 women and 94 men reported at Police Stations in Luwero district after they were assaulted in domestic violence in the last 11 months from January-November 2022.

Prisca Birungi, the Officer In Charge of the Child and Family Protection Unit at Luwero Central Police Station says that the causes of domestic violence include; poverty, alcoholism, greed for property and witchcraft among others.

Birungi says that in most of cases of domestic violence, they have reconciled the couples and a few others forwarded to court.

She has pledged to scale up community policing to sensitize the residents about the dangers of domestic and the law against it.

Christine Nakamanya the Vice Chairperson of Luwero district says that the fight against domestic violence should be amplified by both religious and political leaders in 2023 because it’s killing families.

Nakamanya adds that to reduce the cases, women need more support to set up income-generating activities to look after the children and minimize conflicts as they look upto men.

Ritah Nalweyiso, the LC 5 Councillor for Butuntumula sub county says that as they head to 2023, there is a need to scale up projects that target women and ensure they participate to benefit from them.

Brenda Nabukenya, the Luwero District Woman Member of Parliament says that although the Parliament passed a law that criminalizes domestic violence, the crime is escalating in the communities.

Nabukenya says that even the victims that reported to Police, the majority were not ready to pursue the cases because they are disadvantaged and still need support from the perpetrators.

As we usher in the new year, Nabukenya called for women activists and leaders to move the fight against domestic violence from boardrooms to villages where most cases are reported.

She also asked the government to implement parliament’s resolution to construct shelters to host victims of domestic violence so as to save lives.

Dr. Innocent Nkonwa, the Luwero District Health Officer said the victims sought treatment from health centers but many remember to do so when asked by Police after reporting the offenses.

He added that some victims face trauma, mental illness, and diseases because they turn up in health centers late after the attacks.

Atleast 650 cases of Gender Based Violence have been reported in the past 11 months compared to 624 registered in 2021 within Luwero district.

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