Lady Who Hid Kabaka Muteesa Dead at 103

Angelina Nabakooza, the lady who hid Kabaka Muteesa II after the 1966 attack on his Mengo palace, had died this morning after battling a long illness. She was 103.

Angelina is one of Buganda’s heroes due to her role in hiding Kabaka Muteesa keeping him safe from harm when the Uganda Army led by Colonel Idi Amin was looking for him to kill him after attacking his palace.

Attack on the palace

On the 23rd of May 1966, the Uganda army under the command of then Col. Amin staged an attack on the Mengo palace on Prime Minister Milton Obote’s orders. Kabaka Muteesa with a few bodyguards including Jehoash Katende and George Maalo managed to escape from the palace, briefly staying at Lubaga (Cathedral ground).

From Luaga, Kabaka Muteesa and his men wearing disguises chose to use the western route and on May 26th, Muteesa and his guards reached Mawogola. In Mawogola Muteesa and his men were welcomed and hidden by Prince Kitayimbwa at Nabakooza’s home for about 3 weeks.

Angelina Nabakooza during a visit told then Katikkiro J.B. Walusimbi that Kabaka Muteesa II was brought to her home in Lugusuulu by Prince Kitayimbwa Mumiransanafu and the Gomba county Chief Medard Kiwanuka Kasiita. Kitayimbwa lied to her that he had brought his brother the Kaamuswaga of Kooki to hide him, before Nabakooza later learned that he had hidden the King.  

Nabakooza hid King Edward Muteesa II for more than 20 days, while Obote’s forces were looking for him, and offered hundreds of thousands of dollars to anyone who could find and hand him over.

During this time loyalist Mumiransanafu blocked roads by cutting trees to block the roads so that the progress of the soldiers looking for the Kabaka was slowed.

 In Mawoggola Muteesa and his men realized that the government intelligence was tracking them fast so they used the time to plan for his escape to Burundi.

On June 23rd, 1966 Nabakooza together with Kitayimbwa Mumiransanafu smuggled Muteesa into Rwanda and proceeded to Goma and Bukavu in Zaire before reaching Bujumbura in Burundi. It is from Burundi that Muteesa flew to exile in London with the help of the Burundi Monarch Mwami Ntare.

In 2009 Kabaka Mutebi awarded honors to several people who fought in the 1966 crisis together with people who looked after the late sir Edward Muteesa II while in exile at a function that was held at Nsambya Lugusuulu in Mawogola.

Nabakooza is one of those who received The Order of the Shield and Spears (Ekitiibwa ky’Amafumu n’Engabo) the Kingdom of Buganda’s highest honor for recognizing excellent service to the kingdom.Kabaka Mutebi also built her a house appreciating her role in hiding Kabaka Muteesa II.

Others who were honored included Prince Kitayimbwa Kabumbuli Mumiransanafu, Kabajjo, and Dan Kaamanyi. 

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