Justice Ruby Opio Aweri Laid to Rest

It was a somber mood at Acungapenyi Cell, Kachung Western Ward in Dokolo District, the home of the Late Justice Ruby Opio Aweri as he was being laid to his final rest.

Opio Aweri’a body was lowered into the grave at 4:34 Pm as was witnessed by as his family and friends and thousands of mourners. He was according a state funeral accompanied with a 13 -gun salute.

Jessica Rose Epel Alupo, the Vice President of Uganda who was also the Chief mourner applauded the former Justice for being an educationist. She urged the entire community of Lango to embrace education as a way of fighting against poverty.

The President in a written statement read by Alupo said Justice Aweri dedicated his life to helping Ugandans attain justice in the courts of law. Alupo also delivered the president’s condolence contribution of 20 million shillings to the family.

Both Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo and his deputy Justice Richard Buteera described Justice Aweri Opio as a simple professional man who was easy to work with.

Earlier, Susan Acen Aweri, the widow thanked everyone especially the government for helping her family during the trying moment. She described the deceased as a good husband and father to her children.

Allan Okodi, the deceased’s son who told mourners that his father wanted his children to be scientists believes that Justice Aweri died a fulfilled and contented man.

Meanwhile Levi Okodi, the deceased’s elder brother asked Government to support their family’s efforts to recover a family lorry that got lost in South Sudan in 2013 as well as promote and employ qualified children whose education was supported by the Late Justice Aweri.

Justice Opio Aweri ,69, succumbed to stroke resulting from diabetes and pressure at Mulago National Referral Hospital on Wednesday December 7th.  The deceased is survived by a widow, ten children and several dependents.

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