Jacob Oulanyah Wanted to Retire As a Comedian—Journalist Raymond Mujuni

Former Speaker of Parliament, the late Jacob Oulanyah has been described by many as a man who loved humour. He joked a lot and also took in-jokes, lightly. Journalist Raymond Mujuni has revealed in a tribute article published in the Daily Monitor that Oulanyah considered a career in the comedy industry after retiring from politics.

Mujuni says Oulanyah told him about his plans during a conversation they had when he was still breathing.

The journalist said the fallen Speaker was a friend of his. Mujuni also revealed in his article that Oulanyah also considered doing kickboxing, something that can be confirmed by the statements of Golola Moses who says Oulayah paid him ugx1M monthly to train him.

Oulanyah’s body is expected in the country this week, and his burial date will be communicated soon.

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