Former Makindye MP, Hussein Kyanjo Dead

Former Makindye West MP Hajj Hussein Kyanjo is dead. He died this morning at Kibuli Muslim hospital ending his more than 10-year struggle with illness.

Kyanjo’s health problems started in 2011 when he traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa and two days into the trip realised that he was struggling to speak.

He was examined but no problem was found until he visited a hospital in Iran where he was diagnosed with a disease called Dystonia. It is explained as involuntary muscle contractions that cause repetitive or twisting movements. Dystonia may affect one or more parts of the body and sometimes the entire body. The condition can be mild or severe.

Doctors told him the cause of the disease could be due to inheritance, from a serious accident or poisoning.

Kyanjo would later reveal that there was no history of such a disease in his family and had not suffered any accident hence leaving poisoning as the only probable option.

For years, the disease crippled the eloquent Kyanjo’s speech and worked on a battery to maintain his speech. Burial arrangements are yet to be issued.

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