Emorimor Coronation Underway in Soroti

Soroti Mayor’s Garden is a bee hive of activity as guests turned up for the coronation of Paul Sande Emolot as the new Emorimor.

On Thursday, the event was given green light when the Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka said that there was no legal impediment to the coronation of Emolot as Emorimor Papa Iteso. 

Immediately after the announcement, ICU leaders started preparing for the event.

Vance Omome, the ICU Prime Minister says that some of the clan leaders from Kenya, South Sudan, and other parts of Africa have started arriving at the function. Omome said that everything is ready for the coronation. 

Judith Apeduno Okot, a resident in Soroti City says the fights for the Emorimor seat have disorganized most of the people from embracing the event. She says that she is excited that the conflict has been resolved.

George William Engwacu, a market vendor at Soroti Main Market says that he is excited by the news of the coronation of the new Emorimor amidst the confusion that marred the process.

The Serere County MP, Patrick Okabe says the new Emorimor has an uphill task of bringing on board some of the Iteso leaders who shunned the cultural institution over leadership squabbles in Iteso Cultural Union- ICU.

The installation follows the demise of the former Emorimor, Augustine Osuban Lemukol in February this year who succumbed to the Covid-19 pandemic. Osuban was installed in 2000 and was the first recognized Paramount Chief for Teso.

However, before Osuban, the Ateker clans had elected Paphrus Imodot as Emorimor but didn’t live to stay long on the seat as members changed to Osuban.

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