Don’t Bend Scripture to Cover Wayward Behavior- Archbishop Kasujja

Retired Archbishop and Papal Nuncio Emeritus Augustine Kasujja has urged Christians to live godly lives rather than trying to mold the Word of God to fit their lifestyles.

Speaking during prayers marking the nine-year anniversary of Mpala Parish in Entebbe Deanery, Kampala Archdiocese, Archbishop Kasujja expressed concern that many individuals were distorting the Gospel to justify their ungodly actions.

He specifically mentioned the acceptance of same-sex marriages and homosexuality by some Christians, highlighting it as a departure from the teachings of the gospel. 

Archbishop Kasujja shared an anecdote from a visit to a parish in France, where he was informed about a female same-sex couple who were consistently the first in line to receive Holy Communion.

He noted that he was discouraged from speaking against it. His comments come at a time when Uganda has recently passed an anti-homosexuality law, leading to tensions with Western countries that criticized the law as a violation of human rights. The Archbishop urged Christians to embrace humility and adhere to the gospel’s call to soften their hearts, rather than bending God’s commandments.

He cited Chapter 3 of the Gospel of St. Luke, encouraging people to reject vices such as hatred, lies, dishonesty, corruption, and homosexuality. 

During the event, the Archbishop also presided over the confirmation of 310 Christians, predominantly children, and encouraged them to remain steadfast in their faith. He emphasized the importance of receiving sacraments.

The outgoing and incoming Parish Priest Fr Joseph Kirumira, Gabriel Luyima, and Gerald Mugalu, the leader of the laity expressed their congratulations to the Archbishop for his 50 years of priesthood and 25 years as a Bishop.

New parish leaders were sworn in, and outgoing leaders were awarded certificates of commendation. The Archbishop blessed the new leaders and urged them to serve the church faithfully.

Both the Bishop and the Parish Priest commended the outgoing leadership for their dedicated service and encouraged the new leaders to strive for the advancement of the parish. Fr Kirumira announced plans for the construction of a primary school at the parish headquarters and a secondary school near Nkumba University, with the assistance of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel.

The completion of the parish church was identified as an urgent requirement, with the construction currently at the wall-plate stage. He said the next phase, involving plating and roofing, requires UGX 959 million.

Gerald Mugalu, the outgoing leader of the laity, reported on the achievements of the parish over the past nine years, including training catechists, conducting marriages, baptisms, and confirmations, as well as infrastructure development.

The guest of honor, Aldrine Kasimbazi, commended the Parish Priest for his commitment to the parish’s development and pledged a contribution of UGX 1 million.

Area MP David Matovu and other local politicians also made contributions. The occasion concluded with the cutting of a cake and the planting of a tree, followed by a joyous feast for the attendees.

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