Boda Boda Association Suspends Member Over Fake Kidnap

Denis Ndyabambirekyi a.k.a Martin, a Boda boda rider in Kamwenge district is in trouble for staging a self kidnap to extort money from his father. The Kamwenge District Boda Boda Association has dismissed him and banned him from operating in the district.

Erick Byamukama, the Chairperson of Kamwenge District Boda Boda Association, says that Ndyabambirekyi hatched a plan unidentified gang to stage a fake kidnap and call up his father to pay a ransom of Shillings 2.5 Million. 

According to Byamukama, the gang members called Ndyabambirekyi’s father Dominiko Begumisa, a resident of Kimulikidongo in Kaburisoke Ward Kamwenge Town Council asking him to send them the ransom or else they would kill his son.   

Begumisa explains that just like every parent, Begumisa went into a panic and mobilized 1.2 million Shillings, which he sent to the fake kidnappers begging them not to kill his son, saying that was the only money on him. 

He says that after sending the money, on the following day his son returned home but could not explain to them exactly what had happened when he was kidnapped.

Byamukama explains that they got to know about Ndyabambirekyi’s dubious plan when they overheard him talking to some of his friends and jubilating about how he had tricked his father to get money for survival. 

Byamukama says that as an association they cannot tolerate such behavior, adding that if they pardon him the next time he might start stealing their motorcycles.

Paddy Mwebaze, the OC-CID Kamwenge police station, says that they have started investigating the matter.   

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