Are You in a Committed Relationship With Your Partner?

These days it’s not enough to assume that labels of “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” or “partner” are enough to confirm your status.

The word commitment is perceived differently by different people, usually, if you are in a committed relationship, it means you have dedicated yourself to a person for the long term. If your relationship has any of the following characteristics, there’s a strong possibility that you’re in a committed one.

You think about a future with them

In a committed relationship, you may not only think about your future together, but you may consider them in your plans for the future. You might think about vacations you want to go on and trips you want to take together, and goals you want to achieve together.

They make an effort to get to know the people in your life

Someone who’s serious about being with you will not only include you into their life, but will make an effort to be a part of yours. They’ll enjoy spending time with your friends and family and it won’t feel like something they have to do for the sake.

They factor into all your major decisions

When you are thinking about making a decision, do you think about your partner? This is one of many signs of a committed relationship that you can see in your life if you do. You may also need to make changes to your schedule sometimes to accommodate what your partner wants to do since they also do this.

They show up consistently

A partner who’s all in will be present at all times and conscious enough to check-in throughout the week. They want to know the ins and outs of you, including the troubles, and uncertainties that you may be facing.

Your partner is there when you need them

When you are in a committed relationship, the other person is always there when you need them. This may mean helping you work through your issues, being there when you are sick, and many other things.

You talk about your relationship’s hopes and expectations

These conversations sometimes explore uncomfortable topics that can make or break the relationship like your desire for children, your career plans, how you want to handle your finances and where you want to live among others.

You make each other happy

One thing that shows you that you have someone committed to you is making you happy. When you find that your partner is the person you like the most and want to be around, you can feel excited about hanging out with them

You both put in effort

In most healthy relationships, there is a sense of both partners pulling equal weight with things like doing chores and running errands, as well as supporting one another through tough times and crises.

There’s always something to talk about

You might have been together for years, but there are still many things to talk about even though you see each other every day. This indicates that you have a committed relationship.

You appreciate little things

You don’t need to make exaggerated gestures to let someone feel special. When you do little things for each other like cooking a meal or giving a massage, it makes a difference.

Finding someone you want to be committed and dedicated to is the most beautiful experience.

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