Archbishop Intensifies Anti LGBTQ+ Campaign, Urges Africans to Evangelise the World

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda province Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu has urged Multitudes of Christians in Nebbi Diocese to desist from homosexuality tendencies.

Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu told the multitude of Christians who thronged St. Stephen Church Goli compound that it is the high time for African religious to take the gospel and evangelism from Africa to other continents.

He cautioned the believers to embrace only good friends rather than those with bad motives that derail humanity before God.

“Not even male or female chicken, goats, cows, dogs or cockroaches go for the same sex.” The Archbishop told the multitude of believers yesterday evening.

Dr. Stephen Mugalu, who is for his official visits to Nebbi diocese arrived on Friday 30th June evening amidst sheers from multitude of the faithful shaking branches of trees, singing hymns, blowing trumpets and making ululations.

His pastoral tour of Nebbi diocese is covering archdeaconries of `Okoro, Jonam, Padyere and Nebbi urban archdeaconry. He will move to the rest of West Nile.

President Museveni assented to the anti-homosexual bill 2023, turning it into into law at the end of May 2023, after the parliament overwhelmingly passed the bill under Speaker Anita Among in the chair.

This anti-homosexuality law attracted criticism from the world leaders including some of the religious condemning it that it’s against humanity.

The Act criminalizes involving minors in homosexuality acts, recruiting people in the act and provides for the death penalty for when aggravated, as is the case with acts of illegal heterosexual abuse.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby condemned Uganda’s new anti-LGBTQ+ law on June 9, saying that he had contacted Uganda Archbishop to object to his Anglican province’s support for the country’s criminalization of homosexuality but Kazimba and the inter religious council of Uganda insist that they will protect Ugandans from vice.

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