Minister Mulimba Launches the 12th Edition Of Rotary Cancer Run

Minister John Mulimba, Minister of State for foreign affairs in charge of regional affairs has launched the 12th Edition of Rotary cancer Run slated to take place on the 28/08/2023 at Kololo Ceremonial grounds.

Speaking at the launch, minister Mulimba emphasized that the efforts to tackle the scourge of Cancer go a long way to diminish wide disparities in cancer treatment like Gender norms, Poverty and Social economic factors such as transport, geographical divide and age.

He said that the launch of the event marks a significant milestone in our collective efforts to fight against one of the most formidable adversaries’ humanity has ever faced – Cancer. These Collective efforts, among, but not limited to; The National Cancer Control Plan/Program (NCCP), Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) Programme, National Cancer Control Steering Committee (NCCSC).

A National Cancer Control Programme is a public health programme designed to reduce the number of cancer cases and deaths and improve the quality of life of cancer patients through evidence-based strategies, these are; Prevention Early detection and Diagnosis Treatment, Palliative care, Survivorship, Surveillance, Research, Policy and Advocacy Inclusion for All (Special Needs, Refugees& Albinos).

In May, Government procured new state-of-the-art Radiotherapy Treatment Machine which provide the latest in radiotherapy technology, delivering precise and effective treatment for patients. By this, plans to increase the number of Patient Beds capacity from 120 to 365 Beds at the Cancer Institute.

He said that Cancer has touched the lives of so many among us, directly or indirectly. It knows no boundaries, affecting individuals of all ages, races, ethnicity, disability, lifestyle and all kind of backgrounds.

Commenting on the 2023 Rotary Cancer Run theme, “Close the care Gap: Uniting our voices and taking action”, Mulimba enchoed that the Rotary Cancer Run has a message that will make a difference and encourage people to prevent Cancer.

“This message entails; maintaining a healthy weight/living/lifestyles, exercise regularly (running, cycling, swimming, hiking or walking, avoid smoking, having enough sleep, get screening tests, limit/regulate alcohol consumption (to zero is best),” Mulimba shared.

He added that, “there will be a call for increased cancer awareness, support advancements in diagnostics and treatment, among other.”

The minister further revealed that the Rotary Run/Walk is more than just a physical event, adding that it is a symbol of Unity, Solidarity as we keep in mind the countless Cancer patients and their families who face physical, emotional, and financial challenges daily.

Minister Mulimba Launches the 12th Edition Of Rotary Cancer Run

“One of the primary goals of the Cancer Rotary Run is to raise Funds to support vital Cancer Research Initiatives that push the boundaries of Medical knowledge, leading to improved treatment options, early detection methods, and ultimately, a cure for Cancer,” He added.

According to Mulimba, this will further reduce the existing wider gap between Professionals and people involved when caring for Cancer patients, improve multidisciplinary Team’s purpose to improve coordination, communication, and decision making between health-care team members and patients, and hopefully produce more positive outcomes.

“let us embrace this opportunity to come together and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those affected by cancer. With each step we take during the Cancer Rotary Run, we move closer to a world where Cancer is no longer a threat, where treatment is accessible to all, and where hope prevails,” he concluded.

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