Buganda endorses this year’s Rotary Cancer Run

Buganda Kingdom has endorsed the upcoming 10th edition of the Annual Rotary Cancer Run today at Bulange Mengo.

The Rotary Cancer Run has attracted over 50,000 participants annually from Uganda, and the diaspora who have supported either through direct donations, charity drives, and attending the run to raise funds to set up facilities for cancer treatment in Uganda.

Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga, the Prime Minister (Katikkiro) of Buganda urged Ugandans to participate in the virtual run which aims to fight against cancer.

“The Buganda Kingdom can never tire of commending the Rotary fraternity for their interest in the wellbeing of humanity. The best way to express love towards fellow human beings is to care for their health because everything we intend to achieve depends on the state of our health and mental wellbeing. Cancer has affected almost every family in Uganda and therefore I applaud Rotary and its partners for spearheading the fight against cancer in our country.” Owek. Mayiga said.

“Our vision as the Buganda Kingdom is to position the kingdom at her rightful place where every individual should enjoy reasonable economic and social amenities. That vision calls upon everyone to work hard to realize the community dreams, however unless we ensure a healthy population, our dreams will never come to fruition. So, let us join Rotary in this fight against cancer by participating in the cancer run come Sunday 29th August 2021.” He added.

Past District Governor Stephen Mwanje also expressed his gratitude towards the Buganda kingdom for always encouraging the people to take part in the cancer run.

“The rotary fraternity is proud to have partners like the Buganda kingdom, and Centenary bank who are always at the fore front of supporting our cause. Therefore, this endorsement goes a long way to bring in contributions that will enable the construction of the two bunkers in the cancer treatment center at Nsambya Hospital.” Mwanje said.

The Managing Director of Centenary Bank Mr Fabian Kasi said that, “Over the past 30 years, Centenary Bank has put Buganda at the very heart of its operations because of its importance in the prosperity of Our Bank. It is this very reason that has compelled us to consistently get involved in the activities of the kingdom such as the Masaza Tournament, “Kyapa Mungalo”, “Buganda Bumu” among others.”

“Today we are here again rallying all people in Buganda and beyond to participate in the Rotary Cancer Run. The health of our people is very important in achieving the economic transformation of our country,” he said.

He further revealed that the Bank designated about 50 million Uganda shillings as commitment towards the 2021 virtual Rotary Cancer Run.

The bank staff from their 77 branches shall be participating in their localities virtually, and urged Ugandans to purchase the kits at the selected bank branches across the country.

Over UGX 2.5 billion has been raised and many other forms of support in kind rendered to facilitate the fight against cancer in Uganda.

The 10th annual Rotary Cancer Run will be held virtually and running kits are available at only UGX 25,000 through Cente Agents and the bank branches country wide or one can use the Centemobile platform to make payments directly to the Cancer Run account using *211# USSD code.

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