Airtel Uganda and UNICEF Tip Children on Preparing for Roles in Workplaces.

In celebration of World Children’s Day marked on 20th November, each year, Airtel Uganda, in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) hosted pupils of St. Posiano Kyamula at Airtel Uganda Offices and tipped them on how to prepare for future roles, and the skillsets required to excel in the workspaces they will be employed in time to come.  

This year the celebrations centered on the theme “Inclusion, For Every Child,” highlighting the need to advocate, promote and celebrate children’s rights, translating into dialogues and actions that will build a better world for children. World children’s day was established in 1954 and adopted in 1989 by UN General Assembly to promote international togetherness, and awareness among children worldwide, while improving their welfare.

Through its adopted school program, Airtel Uganda selected children between the age of 5-11 years from St. Ponsiano Kyamula Primary School to visit Airtel Uganda Offices and assume selected roles for different staff members for the day. The children were also tipped on the working skills of the different roles and responsibilities in the company, preparing them for their future careers.

Commenting on the initiative, Manoj Murali, the Managing Director at Airtel Uganda, said, “Children are the future leaders who will hold key positions of influence in our society, and as Airtel Uganda, we innovate with them in mind so that equitable education can be realized. On key calendar events like World Children’s Day that we are celebrating today, we reach out to mentor by offering an opportunity for the children to imagine themselves as leaders in Finance, IT, Human Res0urce, the Legal field, and Customer Service among others, the children are inspired and exposed to what the future holds for them, and how they can harness their potential through the support of organizations like Airtel.

“It was exciting to see how the children assumed the different roles as the team at Airtel cheered them on. This day is dear to us since it gives us the opportunity to prepare the children with skills required in the market both as employees and employers.”

As part of the day’s activities, the children were divided into different departments to undertake different roles like service center agents, directors, and managerial positions as Airtel staff provided guidance. They similarly attended a training session on career guidance and toured Airtel premises.

Speaking on behalf of UNICEF Uganda, Rosemary Rugamba Rwanyange, the Unicef Uganda, Education Specialist in charge of quality and inclusive education applauded Airtel Uganda for their support towards expansion of access to digital learning.

“Today’s celebration with young people is a day of inspiration and hope especially at a time when children and young people bear the brunt and disruptions of the COVID pandemic and now Ebola Virus outbreak in Uganda. But times of crisis can also bring out the best in us and show how critical it is to invest in and transition education into the digital space. UNICEF Uganda and Airtel Uganda are collaborating for the next five years to ensure Every Child’s right to education is realized.” Rwanyangeconcluded.

Akoth Domitila, a pupil at St. Posiano Kyamula who was selected to give a vote of thanks on behalf of his colleagues, said, “My dream is to become a lawyer, and today Airtel has brought it to life, I was the Legal Director for the day. On behalf of the pupils at St. Posiano Kyamula, we thank Airtel Uganda for this opportunity and the support they always render to our school and other schools in the Airtel-Adopt a School program.”

As part of its social corporate responsibility and investment, Airtel has invested and extended support to children through programs like The Airtel – Adopt a school program which recognizes the best-performing students at the beneficiary schools with scholastic materials including; bedding and stationery to support them as they start their ordinary level or secondary school journey.

In addition, 14 public libraries across the country were also powered with fast 4G internet, to enable e-learning and literacy, which has improved learning experiences and kept children well-informed about schoolwork.  

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