WHO Seeks $2.54billion to Fund Countries Facing Health Emergencies

The World Health Organisation -WHO launched its 2023 health emergency appeal on Monday saying people in need of humanitarian relief have increased by almost a quarter compared to 2022, to a record 339 million.

The organization said in a statement released on Monday that they currently responding to a number of emergencies including climate change related disasters, the war in Ukraine and and the health impact of conflict in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and northern Ethiopia.

“This unprecedented convergence of crises demands an unprecedented response,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “More people than ever before face the imminent risk of disease and starvation and need help now. The world cannot look away and hope these crises resolve themselves. I urge donors to be generous and help WHO to save lives, prevent the spread of disease within and across borders, and support communities as they rebuild.”

WHO is currently responding to 54 health crises around the world, 11 of which are classified as Grade 3, WHO’s highest level of emergency, requiring a response at all three levels of the organization that is the World Health Assembly, the Executive board and the Secretariat.

In 2022 the organization provided countries in crises with medicines and medical supplies, training of health workers in addition to supporting disease surveillance efforts.

While, they don’t show their total expenditure for 2022 in their report, WHO responded to fifty-three health emergencies including the Ebola Sudan Outbreak in Uganda

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