Two Health Workers Arrested for Extorting Money from Pregnant Mothers

Two health workers at Arua Regional Referral Hospital have been arrested for extorting money from pregnant mothers and their attendants.

The volunteers, Gladys Munguci, an Enrolled Nurse, and Nancy Manzeru, a Midwife, both in their twenties, were picked up by a security team from the Inspectorate of Government (IG) after one of their victims identified them at the hospital.

The Inspector General of Government Beti Olive Kamya ordered the arrest of the duo this morning after several women accused them of demanding and taking money from them for buying drugs, gloves, detergents, and using sanitary facilities at the hospital, which are meant to be free of charge.

A whistleblower took advantage of Kamya’s visit to the hospital and revealed that the two health workers forced her to pay Shs 20,000 for an operation, Shs 2,000 for detergent, and Shs 5,000 for using the outside toilet.

Several other women also raised red flags, saying that every service at the Maternity Ward is now at a cost, and failure to pay would result in being left unattended by the nurses.

The two nurses were immediately identified, led outside the Maternity Wing, and handed over to the police for immediate detention at Arua CPS. Kamya said that this will serve as a lesson to other health workers to ensure that citizens receive government services without compromise.

Dr. Alex Andema, the Director of Arua Regional Referral Hospital, who was present during the arrest, commended the IGG for taking action, adding that disciplinary hearings and making some staff refund money have not yielded enough change in their attitudes.

However, the two nurses denied the accusations and attempted to disown the whistleblower.

To closely monitor service delivery at Arua Regional Referral Hospital, the IGG directed an IG staff at the Arua Regional Office to visit and talk to patients and staff at the hospital once every week and provide a report to headquarters.

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