Samples from Buwenge Man Test Negative for Ebola

Laboratory tests for the suspected Ebola case in Jinja district turned out negative for both Ebola and other viral hemorrhagic fevers, the Health Ministry announced on Sunday.

According to the Health Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, the samples taken from the late Anthony Mutebe, a resident of Mukwanga Zone in Buwenge town, were tested at both the Central Public Health Laboratory in Butabika and the Uganda Virus Research Institute in Entebbe, and both yielded negative results.

The death of the 48-year-old on Friday had caused panic in the community as he had exhibited symptoms similar to those of Ebola, including bleeding from his eyes, nose, and mouth before collapsing in a trading center. Prior to his death, Mutebe reportedly vomited blood for nearly ten minutes before collapsing, which prompted residents to alert the police authorities.

They cordoned off the scene and prevented dozens of residents, along with family members who had gathered in the area, from coming into contact with the deceased. Aceng commended the community in Buwenge for their vigilance and prompt reporting, which is crucial in fighting contagious diseases.

She also mentioned that they took all necessary precautions, including not coming into contact with the body. However, the exact cause of Mutebe’s death was not disclosed.

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