Pork sale and consumption banned in Kisoro over swine fever

The Kisoro district acting Production officer, Dr Herbert Ngabo has announced a ban on the transportation of pigs including their products like pork following an outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the district.

Dr. Ngabo who also doubles at the district veterinary doctor said the outbreak was discovered in Murora and Kanaba sub counties while some other cases have also been reported in Rubuguri town council, Bukimbiri and Kirundo sub counties.

According to Dr.Ngabo, more than 30 pigs in Murora and Kanaba sub counties that died and were later tested turned positive for African Swine Fever.

“We anticipate that the disease might have crossed over from neighbouring Rwanda by pig farmers who cross into Uganda through the Murora and Kanaba. We are still carrying out investigations to come up with a conclusive report,” he revealed.


Dr. Ngabo said African Swine Fever cannot be prevented once an outbreak has transpired. He rather advised that the best option is to completely ban any movement of pigs.

” Please don’t buy any pigs products at this time . In case of any sudden deaths of pigs, bury them in a hole that is four meters deep. Anyone who fails to comply with the restrictions will be arrested and taken to court. The penalty will be a two year jail sentence,” Dr. Ngabo said.

African Swine Fever ( ASF) is a highly infectious disease that affects both domestic and wild pigs of all breeds and ages. This disease can be spread by both alive and dead pigs.

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