Police To Enforce Presidential Directives And Health Protocols in Mubende and Kassanda

To help curb the spread of Ebola in the districts of Mubende, Kasanda and around the country, President Museveni is his address did instruct a 21 day lockdown to be enforced in the two districts so that the deadly disease is contained.

Following the directive, the Uganda police revealed that they have deployed multiple task teams in the two districts from the UPF, UPDF, CID, Crime intelligence, Police Health Services, UPDF Medical Services and ISO, who are coordinating their activities with the district task forces to enforce the Presidential Directives and make sure Health Protocols are complied with.

Addressing the press on monday, Fred Enanga the Uganda Police Force Spokesperson said, ”So far, we have managed to restrict movement into and out of the two districts and between the two districts, stay-at-home orders during curfew times of 7pm to 6am, prohibited public and private transport within the districts (including boda bodas, taxis and buses, since they are centers for easy spread of the Ebola virus; all seasonal markets have been suspended, all places of worship are closed, all bars, entertainment gyms and sauna in the district banned.”

He added saying that they’re regulating all cargo vehicles/trucks ensuring that only those with one driver/turnboy are permitted to deliver goods during day, those in transit are also allowed through the two districts on condition that they do not stop or pick any one. All schools are being monitored, to ensure temperature guns are in place and attendance documented. All moves are operational, but with no inter-district movement for the next 19 days.

”The priority of the Joint Security Agencies, remains the enforcement of the Presidential Directives and Health Protocols, in Mubende and Kassanda. All our Territorial Commanders and task teams, are monitoring individuals, and taking punitive measures to any Ebola infractions. We continue to punish offenders with arrests, fines and penalties as a way of bringing the virus under control. In the last two days, a total of 222 boda boda motorcycles, were impounded, 05 motor vehicles impounded for flouting the curfew provisions. In addition, 05 suspects were arrested for violating the health protocols. A total of 7 seasonal markets were closed,” he continued.

”Residents in the two districts, should know that Ebola is real and so devastating. Therefore, our enforcement measures are meant to prevent a major out break by the Ebola virus. All those persons that are flouting the directives and health protocols, are putting themselves and the country at risk.”

Uganda Police urged everyone to continue being vigilant and look out for individuals with symptoms consistent with flu, fever, headaches, vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, stomach pain, unexplained bleeding or bruising, please alert the district task force. Minimising contact with handling of any surface, equipment, supplies or materials that may have come in contact with an individual under investigation for contact.

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