Over 400,000 Unused Covid-19 Vaccines to be destroyed, says Minister Aceng

The gospel to have Ugandan citizens vaccinated might be loud and clear, but the turnout remains low. And because of that, the Ministry of Health has said it is going to dispose off over 400,000 Covid-19 doses that have expired.

According to the minister of health, Jane Ruth Aceng, the vaccines were supplied to northern Uganda but they were not used. Aceng relayed that the vaccines going to be destroyed are mostly Moderna and  AstraZeneca

The country targets to vaccinate, at least, 22 million people across the country with much emphasis on the elderly, essential workers, those in transport, teachers and others above the age of 18.

Various vaccination drives have been going on throughout the country. President Museveni said in his last televised address on Covid that he would open up the country fully this January, on account that a sizeable number of the population would have been vaccinated. Museveni said the government would not be responsible for any deaths from Covid-19, henceforth, since citizens have been encouraged to get vaccinated.

Although social distancing and wearing of masks are good practices to curb the spread of the coronavirus, vaccines are said to be the better shot.

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