No COVID-19 vaccine has expired- Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health spokesperson, Emmanuel Ainebyoona has announced that no COVID-19 vaccine has expired.

“The Ministry of Health would like to commend all districts for utilizing all AstraZeneca doses which were due to expire today ( 30 September 2021). We would like to reiterate that no COVID-19 vaccine expired,” he told reporters yesterday.

This was just 5 days after the Ministry of Health announced that the latest Covid-19 vaccines received would expire on September 30,2021.

This also follows President Museveni’s threats to dismiss any Resident District Commissioner (RDC), District Health Officer (DHO), and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) if vaccines in their respective areas expire before use.

Museveni issued this warning while addressing the nation about COVID-19 on September 22,2021.

“I direct with immediate effect; all RDCs, CAOs and DHOs must carry out intensive mobilization for all eligible priority population to go for vaccination. This is to ensure vaccines don’t expire. If any vaccines expire in your area, I will dismiss you. If you are on RDC, I will dismiss you, If you are a CAO, I will dismiss you. If you are a DHO, I will dismiss you. Let these vaccines be used so that these 4.8 million people are vaccinated,” Museveni warned.

Ainebyoona also said that the National Medical Stores is in the process of distributing Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines to all districts except Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso.

“The Moderna vaccine will be administered to all those who have not received any COVID-19 vaccine and is intended to cover a high number of priority population ( 4.8 million people) in the shortest time possible to enable safe reopening of the economy,” he said.

This campaign will commence on Monday October 4,2021 in all districts targeting persons above 18 years old.

The government’s focus now is mass vaccination of the eligible population (22 million representing 49.8% ) as a means of curbing the pandemic and fully opening up the economy.

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