NDA Confiscates 75 boxes of Coffee laced with Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Drug

The National Drug Authority (NDA) has confiscated a consignment of L- coffee, which was being imported into the country as a nutritional supplement.

While the sachet of L-Coffee shows that it’s a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and that it’s an energy booster, the Authority says in a statement that their tests show that the product is adulterated with Tadalafil, a prescription drug for treating erectile dysfunction.

Abiaz Rwamiri, the NDA Public Relations Officer told URN Wednesday morning that the shipment was concealed but their investigations show that a box with ten sachets goes for up to USD50 in Malaysia. They confiscated seventy-five boxes with seven thousand five hundred sachets.

NDA has since warned the public to be cautious and asked importers of L-Coffee to recall and destruct any products that could have already been sneaked onto the market.

According to experts, tadalafil is taken strictly under the supervision of a health practitioner as it has side effects including extreme respiratory and cardiac problems in addition to urinary disorders, which could be fatal.

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