Mpuuga Moot For Inquest Into NMS over Irregular Drugs Supplies

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga is calling for a special audit into the operations of the National Medical Stores (NMS) due to irregular medical supplies, which are adversely affecting health services delivery.

During his oversight tours across the country, Mpuuga received multiple reports indicating that the NMS has been failing to fulfill its mandate of ensuring a reliable supply of drugs and medical sundries.

“The revelations by the in-charges of the various health facilities in mindboggling, there are facilities that have missed more than three bimonthly supply cycles and the patients are left on their own due to repeated stock-outs,” he indicated.

He says that they also observed that various health facilities do not receive drugs according to their requisitions, resulting in inadequate supplies compared to the prevailing needs and leading to significant drug expirations.

Addressing journalists in Kalungu district, Mpuuga expressed suspicions of collusion within the NMS, which may be affecting the drug supply chains despite receiving and utilizing its budgetary allocations. He intends to initiate a parliamentary investigation to uncover potential cartels profiteering from these irregularities.

Musa Dhabuliwo, the Assistant Kalungu District Health Officer, also raised concerns about inadequate drug stocks delivered by the NMS, leaving many health facilities operating with substantial deficits. He urged parliament to consider increasing budgetary allocations for drug purchases.

Sheila Nduhukire, the Spokesperson for the National Medical Store, attributed the irregular medical supplies to delays in the Ministry of Finance’s budgetary releases.

She stated that these delays affected their procurement process, leading to supply challenges.

Nduhukire reiterated that health facilities are supplied drugs based on their respective requisitions as submitted.

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