Ministry of Health to Deploy the 1,901 Medical Interns

The Ministry of health has received clearance from government to deploy the 1,901 medical interns to 58 training centres across the country.

In a statement dated 27/07/2023 Dr. Henry Mwebesa, the Director General of Health Services at the ministry said that these medical interns are expected to report to their respective centers by August 3, 2023 to begin their training.

“The respective Hospital Directors will issue the Interns with deployment letters and organize for their induction,” reads the statement issued by Mwebesa.

According to Mwebesa, each medical intern is to earn Shs1 million to facilitate their accommodation and feeding during the course of the training. It should be noted that interns initially received Shs2.5 million.

He further revealed that the delayed deployment of medical interns was caused by factors beyond the control of ministry of health.

The ministry ordered all the respective Hospital Directors to issue the Interns with deployment letters and organize for their induction.

Dr. Mwebesa’s letter comes after pre-medical interns have had on-and-off battles with the police as they attempted to petition different arms of the government, including Parliament.

Just last week, these medical interns who were originally scheduled to start training on April 1st stormed the ministry’s headquarters in Kampala to express their frustation and to seek answers that have led to their delayed deployment.

The letter also comes after the Uganda Medical Association issued a notice stating that all medical doctors including nurses and senior doctors, will go on strike if the young doctors are not deployed by August 1st, 2023.

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