Medical Association to Determine Dr Oledo’s Fate on Sunday

The Uganda Medical Association (UMA) will on Sunday vote on whether or not to censure their president Dr. Samuel Oledo.

Oledo was under the spot a week ago when he led a group of intern doctors to publicly endorse President Yoweri Museveni who has been in power for the last 36 years to run for the presidency in 2026. This took place at the National Resistance Movement-NRM Party Youth Symposium held at the Kololo ceremonial grounds.

Oledo together with the medical interns who were fully dressed in their clinical coats was seen kneeling before Museveni while showering him with praises and asking him to stand for another term. His actions triggered concern among health professionals and the public drawing wide condemnation on social media.

Following the incident, members of the association led by Dr. Ronald Kazibwe started collecting signatures for a petition to allow them to call for an extraordinary general meeting to discuss the matter, as the association constitution stipulates.

According to article 15 of this constitution, an extraordinary General Meeting can be called upon a requisition made in writing by a quarter of registered members. Currently, 401 members are registered and have paid their subscription fees for 2022 whereby 170 members voted in favor of the meeting.

The doctors who will be convening at the Mulago Hospital Guest House over the weekend will have to decide on whether to caution or fire their President since he has failed to voluntarily choose from the two options he initially had.

According to Dr. Mukuzi Muhereza, the former General Secretary of the Association, the doctor had two options to either resign or tender an apology to doctors, both of which he didn’t honor.  Now, he says the constitution gives members options for reprimand which includes censure.

Earlier, Dr. Oledo had appeared before the Association’s National Governing Council where he said he had attended the symposium in his capacity as a member of the NRM and a beneficiary of a State House scholarship and was therefore not representing the medical association.

Meanwhile, in a letter seen by URN, Fulugensio Kasekende the Chairperson of the Makerere University College of Health Sciences has written to UMA confirming the people seen donning clinical coats accompanying Oledo in Kololo were medical students who were wrongly lured into attending the event.

“The students have become subjects of jokes as they are continuously mocked online and physically despite the fact that they were just misled. I write to ask UMA to take action and find a remedy on how fellow students can be helped”

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