KCCA Teaches Traders to Wash Hands in Ebola Sensitisation Campaign

Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA together with development partners has embarked on a sensitization campaign against the spread of the Ebola Virus in Kampala.

On Monday, officials from the Central Division of Kampala traversed places downtown including Nakivubo and Kikuubo sensitising the traders and buyers there to always wash hands and avoid contact with people or people whose health status they don’t know such that they can limit the spread of the Ebola virus.

Working with partners such as United Nations International Children’s Fund-UNICEF and World Health Organisation -WHO, KCCA officials also raised awareness on the symptoms of Ebola such as vomiting, bleeding from different openings of the body, headaches which if spotted of an individual, they should be reported immediately to the authorities and  health officials specifically.

During the campaigns, Kampala Central Division Medical Officer Dr Richard Walyomo urged the public to get vaccinated against the disease incase they are identified as contacts or fall into any category of people to be vaccinated. He says that they shall be using different strategies to increase Vigilance among members of the public and also ensure that Uganda is declared Ebola Free.

Walyomo says that they will use this campaign to reach out to people in congested areas of the Central division such as Kisenyi and Kikuubo. He further said that some of the strategies they shall employ to sensitize the public include engaging Kampala leadership both political, religious and business community and passing on messages through public address systems.

He urged people to wash their hands thoroughly using soap and water and not sanitiser because while the latter could be effective for COVID 19, it isn’t for the Ebola Virus.

On his part, Kampala Central Division Health and Education Inspector Mark Obua says together with the World Health Organization and UNICEF they have started mobilizing businessmen and the public to go for vaccination against Ebola and also adhere to the standard operating procedures.

He also adds that they are also surveying health centers to ensure they have the capacity to handle suspected Ebola victors.

He says Kikubo has the biggest population in the Central Business District and are worried that if a single case is registered there, so many people could be affected and hence the need to sensitive the masses and ensure vigilance.

Bashir Muwonge, the Chairman of Shawriyako B village under which Kikuubo falls, says several people in Kikuubo were still unserious about the disease and some doubted it’s existence. He says that such an exercise conducted by KCCA equips the traders with knowledge of the disease and how to avoid catching and spreading it. He also says that the traders who are still recovering from the effects of COVID-19 cannot afford to face another viral disease lest their businesses collapse.

Sam Kiwanuka from Nakivubo village also says that it is important for leaders and experts to sensitive the public so they can protect themselves from catching and spreading the virus. Kiwanuka says that the awareness campaign is so timely since Kikuubo is now more populated with many people coming to do shopping ahead of the Christmas celebrations.

The Division Mayor Salim Uhuru advised the business community to be vigilant especially during the festive season that attracts numbers in the city centre.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are currently no admitted patients of the Ebola Virus but the country has not yet been declared free of the virus. The Ebola virus was declared in September from Mubende district before it spread to other parts of the country.

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