Fake Doctor Arrested in Kapchorwa Hospital

Kapchorwa Central Police Station is currently holding a man on charges of impersonating a doctor, conducting illegal treatments, and extorting money from patients at Kapchorwa Hospital.

According to Fredmark Chesang, the Sipi Region Police Spokesperson, the suspect, identified as Silas Sukoria, a 34-year-old resident of Tumboboi village in Kaptanya Sub County, Kapchorwa District, was apprehended on Saturday evening at the hospital.

Chesang explained that the arrest was made after a caregiver barred the suspect from administering treatment to a patient when he demanded 30,000 shillings for a supposed medication. The suspect claimed that the payment was necessary for the patient’s treatment.

“The charges against him include impersonation and extorting money from patients,” stated Chesang. He further added, “We are in the final stages of our investigation, and once completed, the suspect will be presented before the courts of law.”

Ivan Chepsikor, who was assisting his brother at the hospital, recounted the incident. He said that on Saturday, the suspect, dressed in doctor’s attire, arrived and disconnected the intravenous line for blood transfusion from a patient in the Male Ward. The suspect claimed that a replacement was required.

“The actions raised suspicions among those present, as it seemed unusual to disconnect a blood transfusion without an immediate replacement. Additionally, no previous treatments had been administered by the suspect in the ward,” Chepsikor narrated.

Concerned by these suspicions, the caregivers alerted the hospital’s security team, who subsequently confirmed that the suspect was not a staff member. Consequently, he was arrested. Asadi Tuti, the Senior Administrator at Kapchorwa Hospital, expressed disappointment over the illegal activities conducted by the suspect within the facility.

Tuti stated, “We do not condone such behavior at the hospital, and we apologize to the community for this incident. We will diligently follow up on the case and ensure that the suspect faces the full extent of the law.”

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