Ebola: 350 Contact Persons Under Watch By Health Teams

At least 350 people who were in contact with Ebola-affected persons have been placed under surveillance in the various villages in Mubende District, as a measure to mitigate the virus spread.

Health officials say that the various persons are under the watch of the Ebola case management teams to assess their health conditions to avoid the spread of the virus. 

Rosemary Byabashaija, the Resident District Commissioner – RDC for Mubende said that the persons who are undergoing assessment are those who were in touch with either sick and or deceased persons who were confirmed positive of Ebola.   

The RDC said that some of the contact persons were traced from their respective villages but have not presented any signs and symptoms of Ebola and they are not sick.   Byabashaija, who is the district’s chairperson of the Ebola Taskforce said that the surveillance team jointly with the Red Cross team goes to the villages every day to track the patients but also assess their situation from their respective homes.

According to Byabashaija, the Ebola situation has not improved because people are still being reported dead with signs of Ebola from the various villages, like a case of a school-going child in Kigando Sub County and another one in Madudu.   

She says that people still fall sick and their situations worsens without coming to hospital, she has thus appealed to communities to be vigilant to report any suspected cases and that people need to seek advice from hospital.   

Byabashaija, also revealed that arrangements have been finalized to establish a mobile laboratory to start Ebola testing procedure from Mubende, a move intended to speed up the testing of the patients.   She said that previously blood samples were being conveyed to Entebbe Virus Research Institute, a process which would take days but with the newly established laboratory, patients will easily get results.   

The RDC asked the security personnel operating in Mubende to regulate gatherings to limit congestion in the district as a preventive measure since the government said that there will not be any more lockdowns and restrictions on people’s movements. 

She also said that the district task force shall provide guidance to help I regulating congestion at upcoming events like music shows and football competitions.   The government on September 20 this year confirmed the outbreak of the Ebola Virus in Mubende District.    

By Thursday, the RDC said that Mubende Referral Hospital had a total of 42 admissions, among them six medical workers with 26 patients in the emergency section pending confirmation tests.   Out of the 42, a total of 16 were confirmed positive Ebola cases while 24 were pronounced dead with only 6 confirmed positive for Ebola and that they died at the hospital.

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