Delayed to Commission Health Centre III Angers Arua District Residents

Residents of Ajono Parish, Vurra Sub County in Arua district are bitter over the delayed operationalization of Kawuanzeti Health Centre III, nearly five months following the completion of construction works.

According to the locals, the failure by the district authorities to commission the facility for use had condemned them to trek for over six kilometers in search of services while others have resorted to using local herbs to treat their illnesses.

Stella Ajidiru, a resident of Ajono Parish in Vurra sub county explains that she spends between UGX 10,000 to UGX 15,000 to reach Vurra Health center III for health services since the nearby Kawuanzeti Health Centre has not been operationalized.

Meanwhile, Fildah Adong, another resident says that she now treats her children using local herbs since she cannot afford the transport cost to access health services at Vurra Health center or Kuluva hospital which are more than 6 km away.

Nicholas Abiria, the LC one chairperson for Ndrivu village where the facility is located says that several residents especially expectant mothers face a huge challenges of accessing health services. He says most expectant mothers miss attending the mandatory Antenatal care services because the nearby facilities are very far apart.

In the 2020/2021 financial year, Arua district local government launched the construction of Kawuanzeti Health Centre III valued at over 1.9 billion shillings, to reduce the long distances trekked by the locals to access health services. 

Although the works have been completed, the facility is yet to be commissioned. Currently, the compound of the facility is bushy since there is no one charged with the responsibility of maintaining the it.

The Deputy Resident District Commissioner Arua, Ham Muzamil Ezama says the delayed operationalization of the facility is becoming a security threat. He however tasked the district leaders to expedite the process of commissioning the facility so that the locals can start gettig services at the facilities.

But Alfred Okuonzi, the district chairperson blamed the delayed operationalization of the facility on financial constraints to among others recruit staff to run the facility and connect the facility to a reliable water source. He however calls for calm among the locals.

“Kawuanzeti Health Centre will soon be operationalized so people should not worry about it and I therefore urge them to remain calm as we look for funds”, Okuonzi said.

Kawuanzeti Health Centre III started in 1946, as a community health care center to treat common illnesses like malaria and sever fever. The community members would sustain the operations of the center by staging night disco whose gate collections would be used to buy medicines at pay the workers.

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