Budaka district registers a spike in malaria cases

A team of health officials from Budaka district has expressed concern over the increasing rate of malaria infections in the district.

According to Dr. Erisa Murwani, the district Health Officer, since May 2021, the rate of malaria infection in Budaka district is at 80% mainly in the sub-counties of Kaderuna and Lyama.

Murwani says that despite their efforts of free fumigation and free distribution of mosquito nets, the district continues to experience a high prevalence of malaria infections which has caused shortage of blood and malaria medicine in health centers across the district.

Murwani attributed this to low uptake of the use of mosquito nets and the Health Ministry putting more effort on Covid-19 neglecting other diseases.

This year from March 1 to April 1, health officials in Budaka district embarked on indoor residual spraying targeting more than 62,000 households across the entire district citing an increase in cases of malaria.

This was because spraying proved to be more effective than free distribution of mosquito nets.

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